Sammy Sosa Anti Aging Skin Lightener?

Ssammy sosa anti agingammy Sosa really keeps his age well guys. You remember Sammy , the race with Mcguire, and all the scandals. What you’ll also remember is he played pro baseball for 20+ years and faced day after day of long seasons in the sun – directly hitting his skin.

Chicago Tribune saw Sammy Sosa at an event in Las Vegas recently and he looked extremely young – 30ish ,on his 41st bday. Though he did also seem to look a little more pale than usual, maybe he is spending his free time playing baseball on the xbox360 or ps3?

Sosa is supposedly using an anti aging product twice a day that is well known in the U.K. It’s no surprise really, as many professional athletes spend lots of money on professional skin care considering the amount of money at stake with celebrity endoresements paired with the constant exposure to sweat sun and possible injury.

Here is something interesting that Dr. Melanye Maclin had to say “”Making the skin lighter is becoming the ‘it’ thing to do for people of color,” Maclin said. “I don’t find what he’s doing unusual at all.” – Chicago Tribune.

The anti aging product in question is Nur76 which is sold on, who allegedly sell $20 million worth of the product every year. It’s actually a skin lightening cream.

Whatever Sammy’s reasoning is for this (there are theories that we are not going to get into), we definitley salut him for getting out there with his wife, dressing sharp and smiling from ear to ear! Bravo Sammy boy.






By Halle Berry’s Anti-Aging Secret? on November 12, 2009

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