Chinese Herbal Remedies Ease Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Support Formula

Menopause Support Formula

Menopause can be different for every woman. Some experience very little discomfort and make the transition very easily, while many others aren’t nearly so lucky. From hot flashes and sweating to unbalanced hormones and loss of sleep, this time in a woman’s life can be very difficult.

But menopause discomfort isn’t a new phenomenon. So the good news is that people have been trying to ease this transitional time in a women’s life for a very long time – and none have been using medicine to treat these symptoms longer than people in China.

Famous for their Eastern medicine and natural cures for ailments, hundreds of years of knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation on ways to treat pain and discomfort. From natural Chinese plant combinations that target different parts of the body that cause pain to anxiety and menopause, they’ve improved their healing methods over hundreds of years. And thanks to all their testing, you can try it for yourself.

After studying traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in China, Jeremy Speiser returned to the states to bring this ancient wisdom to the modern world. As Master Herbalist, Speiser developed complete natural extract formula for specific body ailments, which are produced under Pharmaceutical-grade GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines in an FDA-inspected California facility. His company, Eastern Essentials, focusing on using ancient Chinese herbal remedies and turning them into convenient supplements for our modern world.

Eastern Essential’s Menopause Support formula is designed with ingredients specifically found to treat menopause symptoms. This all-natural formula promotes hormonal balance and helps reduce hot flashes and sweating, resulting in more relaxing, restful sleep.

A 1-month supply of their product is currently over 15% off, selling for only $49.95. For more information, visit the Eastern Essentials website today!

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