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RejuvinX Cellulite Toning Cream & Stretch Mark Reduction Cream; now with Green Tea Extract for maximum skin detox, will help reduce dimples and tighten the tush. RejuvinX’s Professional Skin Resurfacing Formula features a clinically tested delivery system with encapsulated caffeine for sustained release through-out the day!

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By NuBrilliance Reviews - Does NuBrilliance Work? on October 20, 2009

[...] you have NuBrilliance In a Nutshell. If you have cellulite too then zap it seperately with Rejuvinx which specifically targets problem cellulite [...]

By Lesley on October 20, 2009

By Geoffrey on October 20, 2009

By Carissa on October 20, 2009

By Adam on October 20, 2009


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