The Safe Cig Review

The Safe Cig is a relatively new but pretty well known brand of electronic cigarettes. this Safe Cig is known for giving up to twice the bang for your buck on each nicotine cartridge, something that can really add up over time.

Another strong point about “The Safe Cig”, is that there are consistent vapor fumes coming out, no matter if the nicotine cartridge is running low or full. Many electronic cigarettes fail at this simple but important aspect, because it won’t always feel “level” and like you are getting full drags. That is the number one downfall about most “generic” brands of electronic cigarettes (read cheap brands!!). The Safe Cig combats this using their superior quality product and technology.

The Safe Cig comes as a starter pack, as do many of the electronic cigarettes these days. The price that you will pay for a starter pack of “The Safe Cig” is $89.99 and it comes with the following:

– USB charger to charge the Safe Cig

– 5 refillable cartridges (more can be ordered later, but 5 is plenty to start, especially with “The Safe Cig’s” long lasting atomized cartridges)

– 2 Batteries

– All the components of the electronic cigarette

– For an extra $12.95 you will be able to get the carrying case.

As you can probably tell, The Safe Cig is a heavily advertised and popular e-cigarette brand. If you have a The Safe Cig review to pass on to our readers, use the comments and starring section to review Safe Cig and let us know exactly how it worked out for you.

The Safe Cig review has been brought to you by “Electronic Cigarettes Review”, where you can easily compare and contrast more brands.

Buy The Safe Cig

You can buy The Safe Cig online, from their official website found here. Do not buy The Safe Cig from any distributor other than the legit one, because you are likely not getting the right stuff, but a knock off. Here is the real “Safe Cig” website.


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