Halle Berry's Anti-Aging Secret?

You might be surprised at what Halle Berry had to say is her little secret to staying younger! Halle is well known internationally as being one of the most highest paid and beautiful actresses in the world. Her secret? Dating a guy 10 years younger. Halle says on Pop Sugar, “We only are as old as we choose to be. So I’m still 19.””.  That is some truly inspiring words right there.

When you look at Halle Berry, you see how young and vibrant she is. So it looks like her motto on life is really how she lives and feels about herself too. One of the things we often forget is we are on the outside how we feel on the inside a lot of times. The moral of the story? Let loose and have fun, loose the stress and live longer.

What are other celebs up to? Sammy Sosa’s anti aging regimen has him looking shades lighter!



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