Acai Berry

The Acai Berry


What is the Acai Berry? Wikipedia defines the acai berry as: “species of palm tree in the genus Euterpe cultivated for their fruit and superior hearts of palm.”

The açai berry is the antioxidant rich fruit that comes from this South American species of palm trees. The word acai actually comes from a European word, ïwasa’i. This gives a big insight into the fruit’s powers, because that word means “that which cries water”. The acai berry fruit has been used in Brazil for years as a main part of many’s diets. Now in the last year or so, it has become a huge product in both North America and Europe.

The actual fruit itself never makes it that far, however. You see, when the berry falls off the acai palm, it really only has about a day to live or be processed. So you will see it in pills, juices, powders, frozen pastes, etc, but not raw like grapes or strawberries. That is, assuming you don’t live in South America near a tree.

If you ever saw an acai berry tree in person, you may be taken aback by it’s size. They can grow a whopping 30 meters high and what many don’t know, is that there are 8 different kinds of Acai Palms!

So what does the acai berry look like? It’s very small, about the size of a small grape. It is black or dark purple and is very “rich” looking. It doesn’t have as much pulp in it in grapes although as we mentioned there are different species of acai berry that vary very slightly from each other. There are two harvesting times a year and there are thousands upon thousands of fruits picked off each time.

Acai Diet

Since the true originators of acai berry in South America have a long lived history of being healthy and getting old healthy, it was eventually tested and made into many different diet supplements which have now soared in popularity like you wouldn’t believe. You’ll find many of these supplements listed on our site with customer reviews on them.

There have been some pretty miraculous claims made by acai berries marketing companies over the last few years toting everything from quick weight loss, sexual improvements, muscle building for men, colon cleanse and more. It’s not too often you see a fad get strong and stay there for as long as this. It’s pretty safe to say this little berry from the Amazon rainforest is becoming a household name.

Without a doubt, not any type of berry or fruit or magic pill or spell is going to make you skinny or healthy with a snap of the finger. There is a good reason why the acai berry supplements are called just that – supplements. It’s because they are there in order to aid you with your weight loss, or help you detox while you get healthy. Sure the acai berry is probably one of the healthiest fruits to date, and indeed would help you with your health goals.

F.A.Q. About Açai Berry

– Does it have seeds?
A: Yes, the acai has one large seed about half an inch in diamter.

– I saw acai being sold online, is that normal?
A: Yes, because they are usually in supplement form, it’s extremely common to ship online.

– Should I take acai berry supplements when I’m pregnant?

A: Always consult your doctor with questions regarding what you can/can’t take when you are pregnant.

– Is it for men or women?
A: Anybody can take it, it’s a fruit!

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