Joliese Sunless Tan Review

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jolieseWhat are some of the things being said about Joliese Sunless Tan?

– Get That Natural Bronze Glow

Celebrity Sun In A Bottle!

Pretty big claims, if you’d ask me. Nevertheless, there has been so much buzz about this hot new product even a stickler like me can’t help but get excited. See I live in a climate where it’s entering winter and there is no outdoor tanning. We all know about the dangers of tanning beds – no thanks. Joliese Sunless Tan Lotion is exacting what I was looking for.

Some of the benefits you’ll look forward to:

– Golden Bronze Glow

– Streak Free Color

– Scented Formula that is Alluring!

– All Natural Sun Results.

One of the things that certainly appealed to me about Joliese is that it’s well known to give you “your tan color” if that makes sense. That means no orange and embarassing dark patches or light patches which have caused me to stay indoors before, they were that bad.

joliese2See more pics…

Being tanned helps you look slimmer and of course more healthier. It’s weird that in the olden days being fat and pasty made you look “better” because it meant you were rich enough to eat all day and never to labor outside. Oh how times have changed – now you are only sexy with a great tan 365 days a year – real easy for those of us in NY right? Jeez.
Don’t worry about the price either. I know that a lot of these designer tanning solutions that actually work end up costing and arm and a leg and those of us without summer homes in the hamptons or seasons executive tickets to the yankees can afford them.. le sigh. The Joliese company has come to the rescue by offering a free trial sample of their product. Which means that for any reason if it doesn’t work out for you, you can just simply not order any more and then not feel ripped off like so many of us do.

Try It Free Today!



By Diana on November 24, 2009

You are scam artists! I did not like the product, returned the unopened package that was sent after the trial (January 2010) and have YET to get my refund. You are thieves and I hope whoever reads this does not fall for it! Facebook has loads of accounts just like mine if you don't believe me.... There are places in hell for people who do this kind of thing!

By Gina on November 24, 2009

I don't really understand the people that say they didn't receive their order in time to cancel it. I would have called the company and canceled my free trial within the 14 days anyways, even if it hadn't come in time!! At least call the company and let them know it hadn't come in time and got an extension for the free trial. I don't think it really matters because I returned the product in time and my bank account was still charged for another shipment!! I really have no review on the product itself, I just wanted to let people know, if you get the free trial and decide to cancel and send the product back, make sure you send it back with delivery confirmation and keep your receipts. I was charged after I canceled and returned the product, but I kept my delivery confirmation number and receipts. I called my bank as soon as I noticed the charge and my bank reversed the charges and told me to contact them which I did. I gave them my delivery confirmation number and they told me I would not be charged again. I will wait and see if I am charged again! Make sure you cancel before the 14 day free trial ends. I wrote the date for two days before the trial offer ended for a reminder to cancel. You will get an RMA number and you need to write that number on the return package. Return it with delivery confirmation and keep your post office receipt!! I sent mine priority mail to make sure it got there within the 30 days you have to return the product. You can look at the terms & conditions, which is at the bottom of the order page in small print.

By Allison on November 24, 2009

It's free to keep what they send you.. You dont have to pay anything if you decide to keep it! I LOVE THE APPLICATION ORDER IT! You have nothing to lose and only a sexy tan to gain.. just pay shipping and handeling.. :)

By Joliese Sunless Tanner Review on November 24, 2009

[...] Hard for someone in a city like me to get lots of sun, especially because there is no beach near by and also because I work during daylight hours..doh. That leaves me looking pale, sick and ugly for evenings. I really wish I was tanned all the time and with a product like this I may have found my answer in Joliese Sunless Tan. [...]

By Barb on November 24, 2009

The following was copied directly from the Joliese Website concerning their free trial offer (see Terms and Conditions at the bottom of their site). "Your RISK FREE 14 day Trial Period will start when you click the “Submit & Confirm” button on our website. If you wish to cancel your order within your Free Trial Period, simply call 1-866-955-7596 and return your bottle (Even if it´s empty!) within 30 days from canceling and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee. If you enjoy Joliese Tan, do nothing and at the end of your Free Trial Period your credit card provided today will be charged $79.92. For your convenience, you will automatically be enrolled in the Joliese Tan “Sun in a Bottle” Club and in approximately 30 days from the end of your Free Trial Period and every 30 days thereafter, you will be shipped a fresh 1 month supply of Joliese Tan for the low price of just $19.98 per tan plus shipping. Joliese Tan has four tans per bottle. You can cancel at any time."

By KLJ on November 24, 2009

after the 14 day trial, their site charges you 79.95 and enrolls you in their bottle club. i've never used it but when i have the funds, i intend to

By Ho Chi Minh on November 24, 2009

Just make sure you read their Privacy Policy if you're up for getting that free sample. It's supposedly a 14-day sample, but if you don't call Joliese within 14 days of ordering your free sample and cancel your membership, on the 15th day your credit card will be billed $79.95 and you'll be sent a months supply of their product. This information is not divulged anywhere on their general webpage. It's only revealed in their Privacy Policy. Seems like a pretty crappy way to sell a product if it actually does what they claim. I've filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Joliese for deceptive advertising practices since I don't like shysters:)

By trish on November 24, 2009

how do you apply it and is it easy to apply?

By producta on November 24, 2009

Good question Kacie, can any of our fellow readers help us out?

By Tina on November 24, 2009

Love, Love, LOVE this stuff! AAA+ recommended.

By kacie on November 24, 2009

how much is it if you like it and you decide to keep it?

By Janet on November 24, 2009

I've used this stuff and can honestly say it doesn't make your skin orange. I like it and still have it.


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