Anti Aging With Dr. Mosaraf Ali

Dr. Mosaraf Ali on Anti-Aging Methods: This insightful and very educational video is the second we’ve posted from an anti aging conference in the last day. You’ll find we’ll be doing that more often to grow our informative anti aging video section.

This video is Mosaraf Ali, MD, Dac, PGAc at the 2007 Anti-Aging London Conference.

The last post was a speaker by the name of Dr. Ron Ehrlich

Some of the more interesting things to note:

– He says he bases his speech on logic, not science

– Talks about ancient Indian rejuvenation methods.

– Meditation is one of the things that he talks about early in the speech.

– The beating of the heart as the most important parameter in life and aging, and proofs to back that up (such as circulation theories and the life support example)

– While discussing traditional anti aging methods, Dr. debunks myths about anti aging, the heart and circulation.

– Yoga as a very powerful exercise.



By Tamm L on December 9, 2009

Definitely a great video - this guy is smart but hard to hear him at times.


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