Is Brad Pitt's Anti Aging Routine Making Him Look Fake?

We sometimes are a little too harsh on celebs as a society – we look up to them so we have certain expectations of them. Heck, which one of us wouldn’t want to get paid millions of dollars to be in 1 movie? I know I would.

Some journalists like ihairstyler are noting that the older Brad Pitt looks, the more his anti aging routine is showing up – whatever that may be. They also ask the question, does it make him look fake? The journalist noted that he seemed to look a bit ‘off’ as his age grew, and was more along the lines of a Michael Douglas in his blooming then someone like George Clooney who seems to attract more and more woman the older he gets.

Personally, I don’t think the pics look that bad for him. I am a male journalist and I must say from the picture (you can see it on ihairstyler linked from this post), that he looks great. No homo ( that’s what I’m supposed to say after I say something that sounds gay, right?).

I don’t know exactly how old Brad Pitt is because as they say in Hollywood, everyone lies about their age and knocks a few years back. I can say that when I’m 40+ if I can still attract girls with my looks and look like him then I’d be pretty happy.

Ask me if I’d ever do plastic surgery? Now I say no, but in the future who knows what I’ll say to a similar question. Hopefully, I can do it gracefully like George Clooney.



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