Coloblast Review

So this review is for the Coloblast colon cleanse. We will simply do a listing format and let the users review this one as we’ve done for other colon cleanse products on this site.

coloblast reviewColoblast Features

Coloblast has many features listed on their site, boasting everything that they can do.

– Flush toxins out of your body

– Flush bacteria out

– Get rid of that bloated feeling that you get sometimes which is so uncomfortable and unsightly

The above two points are very important in keeping a clean and healthy body, two things that most colon cleanses should do. lma

We should mention there is no point really clicking the link if you are not from the USA as you will just be redirected to another product that has nothing to do with Coloblast. That’s ok though, b/c this paticular product is only available to the USA. That certainly doesn’t mean other colon cleanse products aren’t available to you.

Click here to learn more or get a Trial Sample at!



By kerrie allan on January 8, 2010

i am from australia and purchased this item COLOBLAST on 19 august on a free 30 day trail i thought 10 days later from my account was a 100.79 now another 4 weeks later another 43.00 dollars has come out i have tryed to ring to stop this but it keeps saying this number does not work. please give me the right number because i just wonted a trial run. but then i see it's not for women so i havn't even opened the bottle. .i need to cancel this item NOW.


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