Ben And Jerry's Anti-Aging Ice Cream

Anti Aging Ice Cream Anti aging ice cream? You bet.  On the news front this week in the anti aging news world, is Ben and Jerry meeting with top scientists in order to develop ice cream flavors with anti aging properties in them. This breakthrough comes after the obvious need to have the “junk” foods of this world somehow be laced with more healthy and anti aging like things. The reason is because the people in this world are eating junk food at an alarming rate, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon.

If you could choose from an ice cream that is anti aging, and one that is not, you are likely to pick the anti aging one. I know that I would for sure.  Myfoxnews says that Unilever will have control over all of the inventions, which could be worth a ton of money if developed first and correcty.

I for one welcome our new anti aging overlords…err.. ice cream makers. Anything that can keep this baby face going for one more year is OK with me!

more/source: Myfoxnews

pic cred: – “Ulex”



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